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Hebron shoe shop….New marketing approach by Hebronites Shoe makers Inspired by Cluster

Leather and Shoe cluster has opened the first showroom of its kind in Palestine, the idea was inspired by the Hebron Leather and Shoe cluster and is being supported by the Private Sector Development Cluster Project (PSDCP) implemented by Ministry of national Economy, in partnership with the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and funded by the AGENCE FRANCAISE DE DEVELOPPEMENT (AFD).
During the strategy development stage in 2014, the Leather and Shoe cluster explored several tools to support the implementation of such an innovative idea which had then emerged after a market study has been conducted in 2015 for the local market resulting with findings that strongly supported the concept of opening a showroom. Now the showroom opened to reinforce the theme of complementary benefit, combining different shoe factories in one place.   
Mohamad Husain the cluster animator and Manager of the showroomsays: “13 united shoe production companies gathered in one place to display their products in order to strengthen their market share. We have put a lot of effort to capitalize and systemize the idea despite many obstacles we may have faced along the way.”
The idea is supported by Hebron chamber of commerce which is responsible for the financial and administrative aspects; such as official contracts with the owner of the showroom and the employees. Jawad Sayyed Al-Herbawi the CEO of Hebron chamber of commerce said “this creative idea persuaded me to be engaged in the planning and implementation process. It was hard to convince the firms to participate; but utilizing teamwork techniques, breaking the ice, building bridges, and reinforcing the idea of moving forward together; we succeeded to gather in one place.  By developing these kind of projects, we are trying to inspire people in changing the competitiveness mentality.” Herbawi mentioned that one of the key factors to ensure the sustainability of the showroom is to open new branches in West Bank and Jordan.
Momen, 8 years old, a kid with huge aspirations to become a shoe designer when older enjoyed visiting the showroom. The idea of this place has grasped his attention and encouraged him to follow his dreams even more. Momen says “Because I prefer buying from our local products, my visit to the showroom was exciting. I loved the toys, the lights and sport shoes."
Amer Arafa, the representative of the showroom, says; “the idea of managing the showroom was not easy, as it needed creativity in dealing with different competing firms, as well as in planning and having the ability to come up with an alternative when facing obstacles. The last semi-annual financial report came up with amazing results indicating a remarkable success in the showroom.” New improvements are to be applied in order to attract more customers such as leather belts, shoe care corner and the showroom will start accepting payments through credit cards.
This innovation is considered a huge leap in the shoe industry in Hebron, as it is currently attracting a number of customers, with high percentage of profit for the 13 members. They have collaborated and put in a lot of effort into achieving this extraordinary initiative which has resulted in a fruitful success. 
“Don’t aim for success if you want it. Just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally”