Furniture Brief - Who Are We?

Salfit House of Furniture cluster was established in Salfit in 2013 holding a group of companies and Institutions that share the same industry and are concentrated in one geographical area with focus on Salfit, Qarawat Bani Hassan, Biddya, Mas-ha, and Az-Zawiya. The cluster was established with the support of the Private Sector Development Cluster Project (PSDCP), implemented by the Ministry of National Economy (MoNE) in cooperation with the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (FPCCIA) and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD).

The cluster started with a core group of 15 enterprises operating in the field of furniture and furnishings, covering all elements in the value chain all the way from suppliers of raw materials through manufacturers to distributors and showrooms. It comprises of small and medium-sized companies, which provide more than 50% of the entire cluster production.

Successfully, soon after the establishment, the cluster has grown to include 50 members out of 150 companies operating in Salfit governorate. Together, these enterprises employ over 1000 workers and artisans producing various kinds of furniture and furnishings including but not limited to bedroom sets, living room sets, kitchens and tables.