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Project Principles

Contribute to problems solving simultaneously at the policy level, institutional level and firm level, by tackling some of the needs identified at these different levels, in complementarily to other public or international initiatives and programs, 
Focus on the limited scope of certain sub-sectors, in order to concentrate resources in a vertical approach, tackling all these different levels while keeping a high degree of pragmatism and effectiveness of the achievements. 
Function as a pilot model demonstrating in a very pragmatic and result-oriented way, how to channel effective support at these different levels and to improve significantly the competitiveness of the targeted SMEs toward both local and external markets, Be organized as a bottom-up process, based on local and sub-sector animation, in order to reinforce the private sector capacity to lead its own development and to develop competitive linkages between SME sector and its local environment: finance, BDS, public services, BSO Combine the bottom-up leadership from private sector with the top-down guidance from the public sector, in order to optimize public policies, macroeconomic information, PP dialogue, infrastructures, enabling business environment.