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The Leather and Shoe Cluster is one of five clusters that receive support from Private Sector Development Cluster Project (PSDCP) Implemented by the Ministry of National Economy in partnership with the Federation of Palestinian Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (FPCCIA). This project is funded by the French Development Agency. The Leather and Shoe Cluster started with a core group member of 18 SMEs across the leather and shoe value chain in Hebron in 2013. Since then, the cluster have expanded to include around 50  active members with inclusive representation for the whole value chain like Tanneries, Chemical  Suppliers, Accessory Suppliers, Designers, Mould Makers, Sole makers, Last Makers, Shoes Manufacturers, and Retailers. With support from PSDCP, a cluster manager, Mr. Mohammed Husain has been recruited and hosted at the Hebron Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is one of the active supporting institutions for the Leather and Shoe Cluster. Mr. Hussain will animate cooperation between cluster members and concerned stakeholders through collective projects toward enhancing the cluster members’ competitiveness and market access. Recently the cluster strategy was scoped out using a participative bottom up approach following a diagnosis study carried out by the cluster manager.