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Registration of Individual Business Development Service Providers Roster

Already registered individuals are as follows:

 Individual Contact Information
Abed- alhamid Barghouthi

E-mail: abedalhamid.musa@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 02-2900679

Mobile No.: 0599-878-243

 Adnan Faramand

E-mail: adnan@newvision.ps

Telephone No.: 02-2964856

Fax No.: 02-2964857

Mobile No.: 0599-367-043 

Ahmed Adli Shwaikeh

E-mail: ahmed.shwaikeh@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 09-2351471

Mobile No.: 0599-353-719 

Ahmed AlFarra

E-mail: ahmed.elfarra@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-2960700

Mobile No.: 0598-182-222

Al-Mutasem Al-Natsheh

E-mail: al.mutasem.n@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 0599-234-570

Amal Dajani 

E-mail: adajani@hotmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-2745676

Mobile No.: 0598-183-568

Amjad Qasas

E-mail: aqasas@palprofessionals.ps

Mobile No.: 0599-680-789

Ayman Tamimi 

E-mail: aiman98@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 02-2224918

Mobile No.: 0599-253-200 

Basel Natsheh

E-mail: bnatsheh@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-2259554

Mobile No.: 0598-909-799

Bashir Assi

E-mail: bashir.assi@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 0592-294-522

Mobile No.2: 0547-588-222

Faisal Awartani

E-mail: faisal.awartani@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-2987278

Mobile No.: 0595-224488 

Hazem Al-Natsheh

E-mail: hazem@hepco-pal.com

Telephone No.: 02-2292818

Mobile No.: 0599-256-052 

Hussam Abed

E-mail: freepow@hotmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-5828689

Mobile No.: 0544-445-679 

Ibrahim Agha

E-mail: ibrahim_agha@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 02-5833598

Mobile No.: 0597-595-169 

Ibrahim Hantash

E-mail: ibrahim_hantash@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 02-2406490

Mobile No.: 0599-219-251

Ibrahim Tamimi

E-mail: ibrahimtamimi@yahoo.com

Mobile No.: 0599-548-966

Mobile No.2: 0597-888-723 

Issa Beitouni

E-mail: issa.beitouni@yahoo.com 

Mobile No.: 0599-800-163

Jad Qadamani

E-mail: jqadamani@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 0549-016-644 

Jalal Abdallah

E-mail: jalalz.email@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-5853735

Mobile No.: 0542-648-668

Laith Kassis

E-mail: laithkassis@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-2810226

Mobile No.: 0599-225-090 

Mahmoud Jaber

E-mail: mhmd_jaber@yahoo.co.uk

Telephone No.: 02-2986691

Mobile No.: 0599-873-740 

Mahmoud Yasin

E-mail: mahmoud.yasin@pits-track.com

Telephone No.: 02-2976886 

Mobile No.: 0599-579-414

Majdi Haj Khalil

E-mail: m.khalil@clara.net 

Mobile No.: 0523-353-387

Majed Nazzal

E-mail: majed@mazaya.ps

Telephone No.: 02-2984171

Mobile No.: 0599-888-606 

Mohammad Issa

E-mail: mohammad_issa5457@hotmail.com

Mobile No.: 0599-914-613 

Mohammed Hasan

E-mail: mohamadino@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 0599-816-247 

Mohammed Mansour

E-mail: mmansour@besco.ps

Telephone No.: 02-2488168

Mobile No.: 0599-677-579

Mobile No.2: 0598-101-473

Muhammad Sharia

E-mail: m_sharia@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 02-2745278

Mobile No.: 0599-676-000 

Mustafa Abu Sleemeh

E-mail: salfit88@hotmail.com

Telephone No.: 09-2517456

Mobile No.: 0599-229-371 

Naeem Salameh

E-mail: nsalameh@hotmail.com

Mobile No.: 0599-673-017 

 Omar Guhwaji

E-mail: ing_omar73@yahoo.de

Mobile No.: 0599-862-575 

Raed Yaghmour

E-mail: raed_yaghmour@yahoo.com 

Mobile No.: 0569-265-101

Rasha Salah Eddin Hdaib 

E-mail: rashatem@hotmail.com

Mobile No.: 0546-473-218 

Sameeh Jaradat

E-mail: sjaradat@live.com

Telephone No.: 02-2959762

Mobile No.: 0599-251-639 

Samer Halawani

E-mail: halawani_samer@hotmail.com

Mobile No.: 0599-844-575 

Sami Saadeh

E-mail: saadehsami@gmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-6283282

Mobile No.: 0544-970-047 

Shadi Daraghmeh

E-mail: e_shadi77@yahoo.com

Telephone No.: 09-2574837 

Shurouq Qawariq

E-mail: qshurouq@gmail.com

Mobile No.: 0598-108-926 

Sufian Agha

E-mail: sufianagha@hotmail.com

Telephone No.: 02-581-5887

Mobile No.: 0525-792-027  

Suhail Sultan 

E-mail: ssultan@birzeit.edu

Telephone No.: 02-5402422

Mobile No.: 0599-653-536

Yehya Rifai

E-mail: yrefai2013@outlook.com

Telephone No.: 02-2258321

Mobile No.: 0599-523-949